Über Uns


We are Hazal and David from Berlin, travelling around the world without flying and deeply interested in different cultures and people.

We try to travel low budget to come in touch with local people and to feel, how there life really is.

After being 1,5 years in a relationship, we started traveling together. You can read about our youngest adventures on this homepage.


David (34) discovered his passion to travel only some years before he discovered his passion for his beloved Hazal :)! He fell in love with her, couldn’t resist her … fortunately, because she is the best, what could happen to him :)!

David likes cycling and hiking in the nature a lot and is very curious how the world really looks like! He’s not only interested in the amazing landscapes of our planet, but also in all the different cultures, which are existing around the world and which become alive through the people … their music, their food, their traditions, their buildings, their hospitality and all the stories, they tell :D!

He wants to get to know all of this to widen his horizon and to understand more about himself, the humankind and our planet!

That’s why he travels off the path … as backpacker, as cyclist and he’s longing for coming in touch with local people :D!


Hazal (25) loves chocolate and science fiction movies, but nothing goes over Turkish Chai and volley ball with friends in a park on a sunny day.

After studying music at Marmara University in Istanbul, she went to Germany for learning German (Oh my God :o!) and choosed Berlin as residence.

She started working with schoolkids and got to know David in 2017. In August 2018 she started traveling to Asia with him.